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Riverfishing with Mateusz and Kasia
Geschreven door Dick van Hattem
July 24, 2017, 11:43 a.m.

Mateusz and Kasia were in Holland and booked me for a 2 day trip. We decide to fish one day on the river and a second day out on a bigger lake. 

The results were good. Kasia showed her skills on the river by choosing the right lure... .Salmo Boxer was the lure who fooled lots of zanders... 

Here are some pictures of this weekend.

Kasia with a nice zander.

Mateusz also with a nice zander on Salmo Freediver.

Kissing her first Dutch asp.

The asp were fighting hard.

Big perch over 45 cm. 

Her own choice for the Salmo Boxer.

Another big asp hit the lure very hard. 

Good fight on the right rods.

Big ide that took a small lure.

Another nice zander early in the morning

Zander in perfect condition.

The biggest zander of the day. Kasia was very happy with this fish.

The second day: this was the only picture we took. It was 30 degrees and we only managed to get 5 pike in the boat. Better for the pike to release them quickly insteed of long photo session. 

It was a pleasure to have you in the boat and I am looking forward to our next trip together.

Your predatorguide.


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