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Perfect start on the river
Geschreven door Dick van Hattem
July 4, 2018, 12:15 p.m.

Eversince the season is open in Holland I have been out with several clients from Italy, Holland and Germany. I am not gonna write every strike we had on our lures but I show you more pictures and write down some comments about this fish and clients.

On this day Alex en Alex are my quests, they are from Germany and pro staf of Dragon fishing. They wanted to fish the river and so we did! 

Just because a picture tells more then a thousand words I will show you the pictures of this nice day full of surprises. 

A nice zander took the Hornet 9 lure.

Alex and Alex posing together with the first catch of the day. A nice 60+ cm zander.

Another nice zander !

A nice 45cm perch which took a Salmo Whacky 15. 

50 cm ide also like the smaller lures. Normaly you can catch this fish with worms or bread but on the river they eat smaller fish.

In all the years I have been fishing this river I only had 1 big barbel on a lure. Today Alex was the lucky guy who caught one of 78 cm. Good fight on light material. Very happy with this fish!

As always we promote Catch and Release. That's why Holland is such an outstanding country for fishing.

Just after the big Barbel a small catfish hits Alex's lure. A few days later there were much bigger catfishes in the boat. Report will follow later.

After the catfish a second barbel did visit my boat. 1 in all these years, 2 in half an hour.... Still can't believe it. 

The other Alex posing with the other barbel :-) 

If you have any interest about a guided fishing day out on the river: please contact me. for an email or the other ways which you can find in the contact page! 

Tight lines

The predatorguide!

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