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Nice day with Mario and Stefan
Geschreven door Dick van Hattem
April 17, 2017, 10:13 p.m.

On a cold winter day we had a appointment. We, Mario and Stefan and the Predatorguide were going out on the big lake for a really nice pike. Not a 90+ or 100+ cm pike but we were aiming for 110+. 

After we trailered the boat in the dark I let the Suzuki warm up and then after 5 minuten we speed up to 50kmph and reached our destination after 10 minutes. There is must happen. We made our camp. Put the rodpod on the shore and were using 3 rods with floats. 

After all the sardines and roaches were exactly placed on the hotspots we started waiting. We took some coffee and sandwiches. Just when we were thinking about the second cup of coffee the bite alarm started beeping... Mario took the rod and gave a good strike. The rod was bending good. Seems to be the target fish. After a short but good fight a very nice pike was ready for landing. I took it with my hands. Only 1 trebble in. I only use 1 trebble and no more. Big pike always take the trebble. Only smaller ones will be lost but that is not a issue. 

On the measure board we noticed 1 cm short of our goal... 109 cm and a good weight. Close to 23 lbs is a good start of your fishing day. 

Mario with a perfect build 109cm pike.

After some hours Stefan becomes an opportunity to strike. It was the rod with the Waterwold HD cam on.... He took the rod, waited quit long because he was just having a sandwich. He gave a good strike but not good enough. After about 5 to 10 second the pike managed to get rid of the trebble. Later at home we saw the pike and this was absolutely 100cm +. 

video soon here...

The day went on and we missed another pike which seems to be smaller. Finaly as the sun was already gone and all the soup and sandwiches were gone Stefan get another chance to strike.. Now there was a very good strike. The pike on the other side had no chance. The trebble wel placed in the hook of the mouth... 95cm and a nice belly.

Stefan with his well deserved pike.

Finally when we were reeling in our rods we had another strike. We could not see the float in almost dark conditions but we heard the baitrunner going for a few seconds. The pike did not want to wait for us and left the baitfish.... 

2 pikes today. not very much but with these sizes it was good. Clients very satisfied with the perfect pike and pictures. 

We see each other next year.

The Predatorguide.

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