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Who am I
Geschreven door Dick van Hattem
April 19, 2017, 9:41 p.m.

Who am I?

I am Dick van Hattem. Born in the middle of Holland in 1964.

When I was only 4 years old I started fishing. My brothers and my father were also quit fanatic course fishermen and as the most kids do: you start with a pole. 4 meters long, 1 magget or bread and the first roaches were caught and the fishermen in me was born,

I was 8 years old when I caught my first pike. Small one but for me it was very impressive. After that first pike I was more a alround fishermen. I was fishing for all species. Bream, roach, tench, carp, perch, zander and of course pike. 

I was 17 when I did my first trip to Ireland. 3 weeks with a small boat, small trailer, trying new lakes, found nice spots but a pike bigger then 100cm was a bit of a problem. Remember at that time there was no braided line so hooking a big pike was difficult. 

I took me 10 years from there to catch my first 100+ pike. But after that first one many many followed. I still do count the bigger pikes and this year I hope to reach the 350 mark. 350 pikes above 100cm. Almost 100 over 110cm. So when you talk about expirience.... My fishing friends and clients caught also over 200 times 100+cm pikes in my boat. So when you join me on a guiding day there is always a serious chance to catch a really big pike or other predator. 

17 years ago I started the website and that was a big succes. I wrote down every week my fishing adventures and thousands of pike fishermen were reading it daily. More then 2000+ stories were published on that website. In the beginning I did it all alone. Later other pikefishermen started to upload their stories. 

The last 15 years I made 37 trips to Sweden. So if you are new to Sweden and want to enjoy a full week fishing over there... everything is possible. In the future I will do guidings in Sweden as well. 

Besides my fishing guide work I work for a big bank as a system manager. 

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